One of the lucky ones!

This might be old news to some…but how about that Liberty of London bike for Target! I will never forget the feeling I had when I first saw the preview of it on a popular design blog! My heart just melted! How adorable and charming! I would dream about it…the wind blowing through my hair while riding and the huge smile the cheery floral bike would put across my face! I had the sale date starred in my planner.  But then, here’s the thing about the “buzz” that surrounded the launch of the cutie…within about five minutes the bike was sold out.  And then this melting heart of mine was crushed! How did this happen!?! How could I not be one of the lucky ones!  I was so heartbroken; that I called corporate Target myself to get the low down on the situation and when it was they thought more would come in! Unfortunately I was informed that the bike was a limited edition and that they couldn’t guarantee me that they would even get anymore! Yikes! So for most, you would just count it as a loss and move on. But I couldn’t forget about it.  I started checking ebay and finding myself on Target’s website almost every day, only to sadly see the bike tagged as “sold out”.

But alas…Target must have known how my heart longed for this bike.  They came out with a second edition of the bike! Holy fish sticks! The only modification was the seat color which was changed from brown to white…cuter anyway in my opinion! However, this time around I was one of the lucky ones!  I now own my very own second edition number 250 of 295 Liberty of London floral bicycle! I love it so much I can’t even allow it to be stored outside…it is in the dining room! I finally took it out on the town this weekend and here is the proof! 

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One Response to One of the lucky ones!

  1. Katherine says:

    What a cute bike! I’m jealous….Love your website and your blog spot! Adorable!!

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