A gem along the Gulf Coast!

 I think I like to use this blog mostly to tell you what I love…but if I love it, I just got to share it! I think of it as if I am calling up my friend to tell about some fabulous find! Here, my dear, is a fab find! Well, I guess not so much a find for me, but maybe for you.  The find…Fairhope, Alabama! What a gem along the gulf coast!  It is an adorable small town situated on Mobile Bay.  The downtown area is so charming and encourages its visitors to   s l o w d o w n.  With curving sidewalks along the bay bluffs, beautiful bay scenery, and so many quaint shops…ya’ll will never want to leave!  I consider it a treat when I get to trek over the bay and head to Fairhope! If you are ever in the Mobile Bay area Fairhope must indeed be a stop on your list! Here is a sneak preview of the scenes from one of the days when I visited recently!  Oh what fun!

There is not a finer place to lay your head down for the night than the Marriott Grand Hotel right on Mobile Bay! Whether it is sitting on your balcony, watching the sailing, or eating at the fabulous breakfast buffet…ya’ll will think it is the BOMB DOT COM!

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