West Elm vs. Overstock…

I just love the parsons desk from West Elm! So fine! It has such great lines…modern, yet it lends itself so well to other design styles.  The clean and simple form looks great next to a more antique “fussy” piece! You just can’t go wrong with it!  Because it is just so good-looking, I thought it perfect for me for my new desk! However, I will have you know that I am quite the bargain shopper! I love to find a good deal!  So after having my heart set on this desk’s particular style…I begin the search.  Surely, I thought, someone would have a similar look for less. 

 West Elm Parsons Desk: photo courtesy of Decor Pad

Low and behold I found it! An almost exact match from Overstock! It has the same character of the West Elm desk for half the price! And, get this, all shipping is $2.95! Go Overstock…I think I’ll have one, please! So I ordered me up one and it arrived today! Maybe this new desk is just the motivation I need to get some work done!   Before Photos!

The big AFTER! So much better! Pretty good match, if I do say so myself!!

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