I feel like Apple is taking over our lives!  They are constantly launching the latest and greatest tech-no gadget! Every time I turn around, they have something I am longing for! But let’s be honest, they really are the most handy devices! Sadly, however, the only Apple product I own is an iPod…and a nano at that! I am such a fan of their products…I just never seem to own many of them myself.  In design school, we were “raised” on the Apple computer.  I guess…I am a PC that wishes she was a Mac!  Therefore, ever since the launch of the first iPhone, I just simply wanted one (not good to long so for material possessions, I know…but they are so stinkin’ cool!).  Well, needless to say I never got the iPhone and still to this day do not have the device in my possession!  However, as a family, we presented the new iPhone 4 to my dad yesterday for his 53rd birthday!  He was so thrilled! I was so glad to see him so happy about his new toy! However, let’s just say, when he isn’t looking I steal it to “play”! So now my desire for the new iPhone is stronger than ever! Hopefully my turn will come soon…wink! Until then, here are some of the oh so useful design apps that I will certainly be downloading on mine! What interior designer wouldn’t need this thing!

Handy Dandy Design Apps…iWant!

  1. Ben Color Capture- allows you to take a picture and upload it and receive the perfect matching Benjamin Moore paint color!
  2. Colorsnap- basically same as Ben Color Capture…just for Sherwin Williams!
  3. Colorchange- Take a photo of your space and you can change the color of the walls…gives new meaning to “test swatch”!
  4. iHandy Carpenter- Levels to straighten horizontally and vertically, plot angles, and measures small objects!
  5. Redlaser- Your own personal price checker!
  6. Yard Sale Mapper- See those yard sales near you!
  7. CeasarStone Mobile Gallery- View different quartz surfaces and calculate how much material you will need for a project!
  8. MyPantone- Displays 5,251 perfect pantone shades!


*Ben Color Capture

This is only the beginning of how useful the iphone can be for any renovation or design job! Let me know if ya’ll know of any other design apps I should be aware of…I am keeping a running list! I am going to have some downloading to do when I finally get that sucker!

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