Love affair with…Etsy!

Can I just say that I love Etsy! It has a permanent space under my favorites to provide me easy daily access to see what’s new!  If you are unsure about what Etsy is, then you must make a visit! It is an online source and collection of stores for all things handmade or vintage! It was founded in June 2005 and since then it has become a creative goldmine!  I consider it my go to source for anything unusual.  It also provides a wonderful outlet for the creative community to sell their items on the internet.  Artists and craftsman alike are finding Etsy to be a foolproof way to set up shop. 

I too will soon join the Etsy community of sellers! I am planning on expanding my source of online design services to the site! Here we go Etsy…here we go!  I’ll be sure to post here when I have the “shop” completed! Until then, here are some of my current favorites on Etsy!

Crocodile Scales by farouche $30

You’re My Favorite Hello by Joannarutter $130

 Order Small Scrolls by rubyslounge $335

Grey and green Union Jack cushion/pillow by karenhiltondesigns $66

Stylish Mookah Pod (Ottoman)- Brown/White Autumn Leaves by Mookah $70

Lino Block Printed Fabric Bookend by JoushuaByOak $34

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