It’s Wood, It’s Tile…It’s Wood Tile!

I got my new Elle Décor yesterday! Hip Hip Hooray! As usual when I receive any magazine in the mail, I poured over every page as soon as it was in my hands!  Anyone who knows me, knows that you don’t talk to me while reading my design magazines…well, at least, I won’t be much conversation!  While in my Elle Décor trance, I come across something that just caught my eye…faux wood tiles! WHAT! So I did some research and found some of the most beautiful wood tile options for any home!  What a great way to get the look of wood without the worry of water damage! Oh my…how cool would “wood” be in the bathroom!  This product is now officially on my “must use this product” list! Have a look at what Hastings Tile & Bath have to offer!! Call 516-379-3500 or visit

Believe it or not…that’s TILE!!

PLI Distressed Wood-Look Tiles (My personal favorite!!…How cute for a kitchen or bath!)

RAB Series Stained Wood-Look Tiles

RLA Series Abstract Wood-Look Tiles

RES Exotic Wood-Look Tiles

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