Pretty, Pretty, Pumpkins!

I am very much a warm weather gal! So for me to be excited about the slight chill in the air is quite rare! Maybe I am getting older or maybe it is just getting hotter!  As much as I love the warm weather and basking in the sun while listening to the waves crash on the beach…I am actually looking forward to wearing my comfy sweaters this season (although we aren’t quite there yet way down here on the Gulf Coast!)!  I also am a huge sucker for the decorations for this time of year!  Christmas is of course my favorite, but I must say…I love the charming décor for the fall as well…and my favorite for the fall…PUMPKINS!  Not only are they too cute to have sitting around…they are yummy added bonuses to my seasonal favorites of: pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin donuts (that’s right, DONUNTS…try it!)  Here are some ideas I found to bring a fresh spin on these orange cuties!


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