Not Yo Mamma’s Wing Chair!

How more classic can you get than a…Wing Chair! Did you know that those “wings” actually have a very practical purpose?  Wings were added to the design of the “club” chair or “easy” chair to provide protection from drafts! The wings help to surround the head and torso to trap the heat put off from the fireplace…hence their common position next to a cozy fire! They have always been such a traditional piece.  But, low and behold…they have made a recent come back! However, they have come back in a whole new way! They ain’t yo mamma’s wing chair! The wings have taken on a design evolution and have gotten a lot more “smooth”! I even love the use of the more classic frame, but in a very bold and unexpected fabric! The chair has definitely come into the 21st century…in a very good way! Check out these good-looking options!

Anthropologie: Josef Wingback Chair, Pink Shell  $1,698.00

Williams-Sonoma Home: Anderson Wing Chair  $1,250.00-$2,550.00

West Elm: Ellery Chair  $499.00

Williams-Sonoma: Chelsea Wing Chair  $950.00-$2,150.00

Jayson Home & Garden: Charlotte Wing Chair  $2.495.00

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