I’m a Font Freak…and I’m Not Ashamed.

I am such a sucker for a good font!  I have found myself searching and downloading new fonts for hours!  Wow…I need a life!  There is just something about finding that unusual and adorable font.  I am very particular about my fonts as well…I like them to be modern and stream-lined OR really girly and cute!  I went to my font folder and was informed that I have…drum roll please…1,249 fonts on my computer, and most of those were found and downloaded by yours truly!  Goodness gracious, that adds up to A LOT of time spent on getting the cutest of cutest fonts!  A while back, I stumbled across this precious website that was font heaven for me!  It is the sweetest Alabama couple…and he graduated from Auburn University and she is a font nut…we have so much in common, wink!  The site is: http://kevinandamanda.com …I added their button to my sidebar for quick access!  Now to the point… Amanda also offers free fonts on the site as well! And if I do say so myself…they are the cutest I have ever seen! She takes your submitted handwriting samples and turns them into fonts!! THEN…she uploads it to the site for you to download for free!  Holy mess…what an awesome idea!! It gets even better…she also offers free “scrapbooking” fonts that are just as cute! I have been sure to download ALL the fonts that are offered on the site AND I tend to check back frequently to get the new ones too…their site is listed in my favorites!  Check it out below…

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