Two New Spins on Christmas Decor!

 Not sure if I have mentioned it before (wink!), but I LOVE this time of year! Although, I could do without the cold weather! Of course, being an interior designer, I am all about the Christmas decor! I love to deck the halls, place my beloved decorations and fill my home with Christmas cheer! However, if I could purchase new decorations each year…I so would! SO…I love to try to use the same decorations and give them new life or arrange them in a new way, so that each year seems a little different and special.  This year I am loving some of the fab finds below and using them to create “An All Natural Christmas” or “A Little More Funky Christmas”! Take a look at what I am loving!

1. Ballard Designs-Burlap Bird Ornaments – Set of 6 $25  2. Ballard Designs-Mariana Button Garland – Set of 3 $29  3. Ballard Designs-Mini Pinecone Wreath $29  4. Jayson Home and Garden-White Owl Ornament, Light Grey Felt Star $12-26  5. Jayson Home and Garden-Emperor Armchair $695  6. Anthropologie-Flag Gift Tags $10  7. Ballard Designs-Suzanne Kasler Linen Stocking $59  8. Jayson Home and Garden-Antique White Twig Tree $30

1. Anthropologie-Holiday Forest Dish Towel $24  2. Ikea-Snovita Wreath $19.99  3. Anthropologie-Holiday Bonbon, Babushka Doll, Your Christmas Letter Ornaments $8-38  4. Ikea-Drommar Baking Cup Paper $.99 set of 65  5. West Elm-Scoop-back Chairs color Stem $79  6. Ikea-Tradig Candlestick $7.99  7. Anthropologie-Winter Warm Garland $68  8. Ikea-Lack Bookcase $129

Hope you enjoy and have a happy day!

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