A Wish List…

For a while now my mom has required my sister and I to create Christmas lists.  However, over the years the lists have gotten longer and more high-tech! These days, we provide digital lists that include pictures and easy to use links! How funny…but hey, I think she really likes it because it makes things so much easier for her! Anywho…here are some things that are on my list this year (with the addition of a few LARGER things…wink).  I doubt the furniture will be placed under the tree this year…but, hey a girl can dream! Last year my list included a Ghost Chair and I never thought that I would actually receive it…but low and behold…it showed up on Christmas morning! It is one of my all time favorite Christmas presents!

So…what’s on your lists this year!?!

Here’s the 411 on my list…

1. Overstock- Vinnie White Cradle Chair $150.71  2. Fossil- Stella Multifunction Brown Dial Watch $105  3. Otterbox- iPhone 4 Impact Series Case color white $19.95  4. Sephora- Nail Polish $9  5. Amazon- Yudu Personal Screen Printing $174.98  6. DSW- SM Tuxx Oxford Flats $49.95  7. Ikea- Lack Bookcase color white $129  8. Etsy-RozArt Bee 111 12 x 36 inch original oil painting $225  9. Best Buy-Glee Soundtracks $9.99

Have a happy Harri Ette Day!

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