Top of the Monday morning to ya, friend! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was just GREAT (insert Tony the Tiger’s voice)! I enjoyed the holiday singing of a group of two-four year olds at my sweet cousin’s (first cousin once removed…to be exact!) school Christmas program! How precious they were! Then onto my birthday celebration dinner and dessert! Add in ANOTHER Saturday family Christmas party and then on to church on Sunday! All ending in a Sunday afternoon nap!

The swift wrap-up of this weekend led to the reality that Christmas is among us, friends!! Can you believe it…Christmas is this week!! Holy moly! It always comes too fast! I tell myself every year that, this is the year we will take it slow and enjoy every moment! However, I am still waiting for that slow holiday season to actually happen! So it got me to thinking about that very act of taking things S L O W.  And what came to mind but, MUGS! Surprisingly, although living in the coffee craze age, I am not a big fan of coffee! However, my love is…hot tea! I just love it! Hot English tea with creamer…yummy to my tummy! And what could be more prefect for the winter season than a wonderful MUG of hot tea (hot coffee, if you must!) to simply SIT and ENJOY the moments! SO…here are some adorable mugs to enjoy such a refreshing moment!

 1. Anthropologie- Fleur De Lys Cup & Saucer $10  2. Urban Outfitters- Forever and a Day Mug $8  3. Anthropologie- From The Deep Cup & Saucer $14  4. French Bull- Aries Porcelain Mug (they have every sign!) $14  5. Etsy- Cable knit ceramic cup – AVAILABLE DEC 27th $25  6. Urban Outfitters- Giant Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup $16  7. Etsy- Moustache Mug – Variety of Colors and Moustache Designs $14  8. Anthropologie- Monogrammed mugs $6  9. Urban Outfitters- Spoon Me Mug $8

 Have a Happy Harri Ette Day!

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