Christmas Recap!

Hello there friends!! I hope ya’ll had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was good! My Santa was very good to me!! I finally got the iPhone 4 I have been wanting for some time now! YAY! If you remember from my previous post about the iphone…I have been longing for the smart phone since my Dad received one for his birthday back in September! I’ll be posting soon with update about what apps I have found…who knows they might just be ones you don’t have and might just need! See the original post here.  Anywho, I had a great time with my family while celebrating our Savior’s birth! I compiled some photos to let you see what went down! And yes…we did indeed play “Let’s Make a Deal!”…we are quite the fun bunch and tend to play games at every family function! Do you and your family do this…or are we the only ones??!!

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2 Responses to Christmas Recap!

  1. Cindy says:

    Let’s Make a Deal? OMG Brittany, your family is so unique 🙂 Never ever get together without having a good time. I love it!

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