Orange and Blue Accents…

Hello there friends! My goodness…I think I should be some sort of representative for Lonny Magazine because I am so obsessed, but ya know…who could blame me, right?! The reason I am referencing Lonny again today is because the new issue is out…and I must say, it is wonderful as usual! However, in this issue I noticed several featured spaces with touches of orange and blue.  Okay so, confession…maybe the color combo was on my mind since…my Auburn Tigers won the National Championship! Apologies for those who aren’t supporters or for those that simply don’t care, but I gotta give a quick shout out for my Alma Mater! But like it or not…ORANGE is the new color and I am loving it! So check out below how the colors were successfully used in Lonny!

**Notice the orange door!! Love it!!**

Photos via Lonny Magazine.

Loving these spaces and the splashes of ORANGE and BLUE!!

Have a happy day!

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