Dwell is just so swell!!

Howdy! I hope y’all had a wonderful Valentines Day! Mine was somewhat uneventful.  My mom, sister, and dad were my Valentine’s…just fine with me! And our “love day” dinner outing of choice…drum roll…Moe’s.  For the simple reason…it wasn’t crowded! Welcome to Moe’s!! OH and it was kid’s night (we, however, had no children in our company)…SO insert clown lady with balloon animals and a foreign accent (no…for real)! Love it! It did indeed provide additional entertainment! Maybe next year I’ll have some strapping young lad to take me to…well, not Moe’s! In God’s time! Til then…I’ll keep enjoying my wonderful family and our kid’s night out! Anywho, enough of that!

I just have to give a shout out to one of my favorites that I have yet to mention on this blog…Dwell Studio! I just love it! Their patterns and prints are so sweet and modern! I want it all! And they have a great variety of products, from furniture to luggage tags!  I visited their site yesterday and here is a few of their swell treasures! Check out the site here!


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