The Color of Spring!!

Hey there folks!! As some of you might know…or have caught on to…I am not too keen on winter weather! I am a child of spring (okay, I was born in December…but whatever…I hate the cold)! It is indeed my favorite time of year! There is just something in the air, something new, exciting, and fresh! And let’s be honest, the season boasts the cutest of clothing trends with soothing and cheery colors.  Down here in Mobile, spring is beginning to peek through the winter blues…the weather has been beautiful! To add to my desire to speed up the presence of spring, the stores are already displaying the latest spring trends…and I love it! I actually tried on a flowing dress and skirt the other day! SO…today I wanted to share with you the colors of spring for 2011! Pantone…the go-to color source…says these are THE colors of NOW! So if you’re wondering what shades to include in your spring wardrobe…here ya go! And rest assured these colors will be popping into our interiors in the near future…and oh how I love them! You can check out the color report for fall 2011 here…but it’s too early to be thinking fall for me!

photos of colors and sketch via: Pantone

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