Fad Find Friday…

Happy friday y’all! SO…you might have noticed that I changed the blog design! The other was just getting on my nerves…something about looking at myself riding a bike on a daily basis just wasn’t cutting it anymore!  There is just something in me that loves “design” change.  My little mind is constantly turning with new ideas…so sometimes I just gotta go with it and insert some change!  The idea of “a daily dose” just popped into my brain.  “How cute!”, I thought, and the wheels just kept on spinning! And that is what I am attempting to achieve with this blog…a daily dose of design. I just pray that these “doses” bring some sunshine to you and make you smile! I hope you like the new look…just don’t tell me if you don’t…haha! And as you can see via Twitter, I am currently trying to teach myself HTML and CSS (some kind-of computer language) which would allow me even more freedom with my blog design! Hold your hats peeps…just wait til I learn that mumbo-jumbo! But hey, don’t get too excited…it’s hard stuff!

Anywho, this week’s fad find is truly fabulous! It is Emerson Made…and I am in love with everything on the site…seriously.  Emerson Made’s signature items are their lovely flower pins…and they are PRECIOUS! I am quite the fan of flower pins and these are some of the cutest! Emerson Made has gone far beyond the flower pin, to include clothing, purses, belts, jewelry, and much more! This site is my new fave and I am sure you’ll love it too! Check out the cutie here!

1. the Big Dandy $38  2. Doggie Clutch $78  3. Emerson Bouquet $74 4. Leather and Brass-Emerson Belt $68

Photos via: Emerson Made

Have a Happy Weekend!

Much Love- B

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One Response to Fad Find Friday…

  1. Kathy says:

    Loving the new blog design!

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