This Too Shall Pass…

Happy Wednesday to you and back to blogging! Question…did anyone listen to Jessica Andrews? Do you know that song she sang a few years ago, “Rosemary’s Granddaughter.”? Well, I was indeed in love with it. However, when it came time to sing  the chorus, I proudly inserted my grandmother’s name Harriette. I realized that I needed to share more with you about Mrs. Harriette, my grandmother, and motivation and name of this business!! She was the rock and foundation of our ever-growing, ridiculously large family. We often joke that our family mimics some sort of Mafia. Although humorous…it’s kinda true. And if the rest of us were the mob, then Harriette was the head mobster! She was a librarian, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, I believe great great grandmother, child of God, servant, and the list goes on and on. But most importantly she was our friend. And she was the best friend. Although not college educated, she was a self-taught bookworm, and indeed a wealth of knowledge. Her vast array of knowledge was amazing.  But it was her wisdom that made her most alluring. She was full of wisdom. Maybe it was her humble upbringing, or life experiences or her unwavering faith, but either way, she seemed to step into the role of “Dear Abby” for our family quite easily.  It was as if she was some sort of therapist that you visited to lay on her couch. Except her couch was a small table positioned dead center of her tiny kitchen. It was there that you made your complaint, pleaded your case, or poured your heart out. All the while, she simply listened (something, I believe she had mastered over the years). Often her response wasn’t what you wanted to hear, it was what you needed to hear. Usually these responses were in the form of short sayings that amazingly seemed to be packed with wisdom.  Her seemingly favorite and most often used was the ole saying, “this too shall pass.” In those moments with tears streaming down your face, the words didn’t seem to provide much comfort as they do now. It is only now that I can feel their full impact and smile. How right she was, “this too SHALL pass.” So…how about I found her all too familiar saying in the form of artwork and jewelry! I would love to have them all! Check them out!

1. THIS TOO SHALL PASS – 8 x 10 – Typographic Print $16  2. This too shall pass greeting card $3  3. This Too Shall Pass A4 Giclee Print  4. This too shall pass $46

Have a happy day!

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