Stencils?…I had no idea!

Hello there friends! I just love wallpaper these days! How about you? I just love that it adds a little something special to any wall! However, I also know…through personal experience and other’s horror stories…that wallpaper can indeed be a PAIN! A pain to put up and a pain to take down! Although stencils (yes, I said stencils!) have been around for ages, I have never considered them as a stylish alternative.  But hold your horses!  Stencils seem to have come a long way…and here’s the proof! After stumbling across this site, I am a new believer and fan of the stencil! These stencils are so darn cool and such a great way to avoid the wallpaper horror…(“Oh the horror”…sorry)! Check it out below and the full site with lots and lots of other options here! OH…and they also sell on Etsy here…gotta love that Etsy!  These just make me want to stencil my walls…or even the ceiling!

Photos via: Royal Design Studio

Have a happy day!

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3 Responses to Stencils?…I had no idea!

  1. Hello Brittany! I just wanted to THANK YOU for this lovely blog post on my stencils/company. It’s very exciting for me to see young designers “discovering” and appreciating the amazing decorative possibilities of stencils. If you don’t mind, I would like to repost this on MY blog, All the best to you and your successful creative business endeavors! 🙂

    • Brittany says:

      Well Hello! You are so very welcome! After discovering your site and product…I am in love! I’ll certainly try to use these in any upcoming projects! I have already been planning in my head which stencil design I want to use for myself in my new apartment! You can absolutely repost this blog post! Thanks so much!! Yay for stencils!!

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