Etsy Update!

Happy Monday to you! Oh boy…what a weekend! We did indeed get around to painting the bathroom! YAY! But now…I hurt! Painting stinks…but painting a bathroom, really stinks! Anywho, I am hoping that I’ll have pictures for you tomorrow! We had a wee bit of trouble with the new knobs! Crazy, right?!…it would be something as simple as, the knobs!! SO…today I bring you an Etsy Update! Wooo…my favorite! If you have been keeping up with my blog…you probably know by now that I am a sucker for some Etsy! I am always clicking and adding to my “Favorites” folder! Today’s Etsy finds are bright, cheerful and in keeping with the new Spring season! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Have a happy day!

1. The Modern Necklace No.5 $42  2. Small Art Print on Wood, DG MINI Oceanfront: Shells $55  3. Spring Vine Hoodie, Charcoal Gray, Size Small, Medium, Large or XLarge $64  4. color burst CAMERA STRAP COVER includes lens cap pocket and padding $15  5. Liz Scott for Moda – SUGAR POP – Summer Flowers in Chartreuse Aqua – 1/2 yard $4.40  6. 2011 Spring Aedriel Originals Dinnerware Collection- Set of Four Salad Plates $50

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