Atlanta Shopping Spotlight!

Happy Monday to you, folks!  This weekend I made a trip to Atlanta!  I just love Atlanta! It is such a beautiful and vibrant city!  There are so many great eats and of course, wonderful shopping spots!  Last summer, I completed my three-month internship at an award-winning interior design firm in Atlanta!  I was a smaller town southern girl living in a BIG southern CITY all by myself!  I like to think that I have a dash of adventure in me and this experience was no different!  I found it fun to venture out from my subleased one-bedroom apartment without using my handy GPS!  I attempted to discover the world around me and just see if I could make it back to familiar surroundings.  I believe that this sense of adventure was partly brought on by sheer boredom.  Either way, these small journeys gave me a new found handle on the somewhat overwhelming city of Atlanta!  And low and behold, I can now maneuver quite well through Atlanta’s hustle and bustle!  And this weekend was no different! I didn’t use my GPS one time this weekend…so proud! Ha!  I was sure, while visiting for this trip, to keep taking snapshots of the places and finds that I love! These are the spots that I frequented while living in the city! If you ever get a chance to visit or return to Atlanta, be sure to check out the fabulous places below! Enjoy!

Westside: A wonderful quaint area with great shopping and eating!  The “shopping center” includes a “farmer’s market” and lunch spot, baby boutique, gentleman clothing boutique, interiors stores, and much much more! Right across the street are a few chic interiors boutiques and a new and very cool ANTHROPOLOGIE!!

Atlantic Station: One of my favorite places in Atlanta!  There is something for everyone!  It is such a vibrant shopping center!  Everything seems to be in Atlantic Station!  Shops include: H&M, Bannana Republic, ZGallerie, West Elm, DSW, and much much more!  Another bonus to the area is IKEA is right down the street! LOVE IKEA! This is a must to add to your list of to do’s!

And now comes the random favorite of mine…The Dump!  I know it sounds crazy, but it is a great place to find wonderful pieces for your home at great prices!  It is kinda like a TJ Maxx for furniture!  Things are always changing!  If you like it, you better buy it or it will be gone!  The only bummer…they are only open on the weekends (Friday-Sunday)! 

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2 Responses to Atlanta Shopping Spotlight!

  1. Savanna says:

    Heading to ATL this weekend and really want to visit EVERYTHING on your list! Here’s hopin’ I have time to do it!

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