Winning Combos!

It’s Thursday!  The week is almost over…hip hip hooray!  Anywho!  Today let’s focus on some winning combos in the design world!  Have you noticed that collaborations seem to be the “thang” in the music biz!?  Honestly, it seems as though everyone “features” another artist on their album!  And hey…what a great idea!  Two heads really can be better than one!  Well, the design world has seemed to jump on the collaboration band-wagon as well!  And oh my, they are just swell combos!  West Elm has joined forces with several other artists and companies for their spring collection…and it is just wonderful! Two of my favorite pairings come from Stray Dog and David Stark!  Psst…they have also teamed with my love Etsy and have featured several Etsy creators in their latest catalog!  Way to go!  Also, Ballard Design has had the very amazing Atlanta designer Suzanne Kasler (love her!) to design a line for their customers!  I believe the design world has begun to embrace the collaboration mentality due to the recent not so great economy (we gotta stick together!)…and I think it is great!  Check out my favorite recent pairings below!  Enjoy!

Check out the Stray Dog collection here! Photos via: West Elm

Check out the David Stark collection here! Photos via: West Elm

Check out the Suzanne Kasler collection here! Photos via: Ballard Designs

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