Rain, Rain Go Away…

Howdy folks!  It is gloomy weather down here…but tis the season!  Rainy days are quite common in the Mobile area…especially in the spring and summer!  Here’s a fun fact for ya…Mobile is the wettest city in the lower 48 states! Umm…who knew!  I always thought it was Seattle…but think again! Seattle actually didn’t even make the top ten list that was conducted in 2007!  It was our Southeastern cities that made the list!  Crazy! I just think rainy days can be so relaxing…but only if securely snuggled indoors!  I love the sound and smell of a good fresh rainfall!  However, getting out in the mess can be no fun!  In keeping with my day’s gloomy weather, here are some great finds to make you smile on a rainy day…or any day or that matter!

1. Hunter Original Tall Wellingtons for Women $125  2. Rain Cloud. Pillow in Natural Cotton Canvas $28  3. Teeny Nimbus Earrings $65  4. Adrina Flat by Croc $39.99  5. Clear Bubble Umbrella – White by Urban Outfitters $18 & Blue Gingham Frill Walker Umbrella by Topshop $40  6. Cheer Up – Rainy day umbrella illustration print $20  7. You Make Me Happy 5 x 5 $13  8. Adrina Strappy Sandal $34.99

Have a happy day!

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