Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is almost here…thank goodness! This weekend we are having a yard sale! Hot dog! The sale always consists of my immediate family along with my aunt’s family which combines to create one huge multi-family yard sale! Hooray! It seems though we are always having a yard sale! I guess we are yard sale professionals! We even boast a true cash-register! Pros…I tell you…pros! Anywho…for today’s fab finds, I bring you a horse collection! I just love this new trend for horse accessories! And I love the majestic look of the horse! However, I have always had bad luck in the riding department! Every riding attempt seems to end badly! Maybe the horses have sensed that I am not all that comfortable!  Although I am not an expert equestrian rider, I love the look of a great horse home decor! Check out the ones I found below! And to keep things easy…they all come from my beloved Z Gallerie!

1. Faux Driftwood Horse $39.95  2. Steeplechase – White $129.95  3. Horse Head – Wall Mounted Black $129.95  4. Ceramic Stallion – Grey $99.95  5. Horse Bust – White $99.89

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