10 Things I Heart @ Ikea!

Hello there friend! It’s thursday…which means it’s almost the weekend! Hooray! Although…I don’t really have any exciting plans! Okay so…you probably know by now that I have huge love for Ikea! And who can blame me, right?! It is just great! I mean what did we do before it? Where else can you get great looking furniture and decor at such great prices?! I am just so obsessed! It is ALWAYS on the list of must dos when I head to Atlanta! And sometimes while living in Auburn…I would make the trek just for a visit! And I must confess…that a large portion of my furniture came from the super cool store! SO…today I bring you my latest loves at Ikea! These are the things that have been on my radar for a while now.  The past couple of times I have visited I say I am going to break down and at least buy the LACK bookcase I have been DROOLING over for some time now! Oh well…I always talk myself into being rational…”You don’t really NEED it Brittany!” I say.  Anywho…hope you enjoy these great finds as much as I do! You might want to add them to your wish list too! ENJOY!

Have a HAPPY day!

1. EDLAND Four-poster bed frame $299  2. MASKROS Pendant lamp $49.99  3. LACK Bookcase $129  4. IKEA STOCKHOLM RAND Rug, flatwoven $179  5. IKEA PS SLINGRA Chair $99.99  6. GYLLEN Panel $30  7. ALINA Bedspread and 2 cushion covers $69.99  8. EKTORP Chaise $349  9. IKEA STOCKHOLM Footstool $279  10. BILD Poster $12

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