DIY Fabric Art and a Sneak Peek at the new Living Room!

Oh hey everybody! Hope you are having a great week so far! Today I bring you a little sneak peek at our new and fresh living room! It is not completely done yet…but hopefully soon! We did get ourselves a new sofa yesterday …a sectional to be correct! Hooray! Well, we got the sectional yesterday, BUT only after waiting for it for over a month! OH AND…we sold our old one in the yard sale we had a couple of weekends ago! That’s right…we haven’t had a sofa for quite some time now!  So needless to say, we are just glad to have ANYTHING to sit on!! And boy did we make an upgrade! We can have two folks lying down and one sitting without even touching each other! Holy cow…love it! I’ll post pictures for you soon! This project has been done with a budget in mind! We have reused and repurposed several items! We are so eco-friendly…ha! In keeping with this frugal mindset…we have DIYed several pieces of our new artwork! Today I am featuring what I like to call…”Fabric Art!”  It is as simple as it sounds…FRAME SOME FABRIC…y’all! Take a look at the finished product in all its glory!

Psst…that’s right, you spy a blue ceiling! Stay tuned to see the final results!

So here’s the break-down. My mom and I went on a little outing to Big Lots! And lo and behold, we stumbled across these “Pottery Barn Look-A-Like” beauties! Only $10…uh, yes please…we’ll take six! FYI they retail for three times this price! And suddenly a light bulb went off! “Let’s frame fabric in them!” Of, course…great idea! BUT.. When we got them home the color of the frame was a bit…well, off…too red-brown! So we spray painted the six frames with this great bronze-brown color from Home Depot! Gotta love Home Depot (sometimes I feel like I go there too much!)! Anywho…we now had our idea and off we went to the fabric store…hooray, my favorite! We selected three different designs and bought a 1/2 yard of each!  Once home, we carefully cut the fabric into pieces to fit into the frames, ironed the pieces, and taped them in place! All done! So easy and affordable! We thought it was a great alternative to yet another “print” or “painting” on the wall! Hope you like it!  Have a happy day!

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