I can see CLEARLY now…

Hello y’all! Hope you are having a great week so far! And hey…it’s almost over! While browsing some sites for a client, I came across some lovely acrylic furniture options! I love me some clear furniture! And who wouldn’t…it really doesn’t take up space…visually! AND it goes with EVERYTHING! I think a good-looking acrylic piece is a great modern and spunky addition to any room! Love! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite CLEAR finds! Have a happy day!

1. peekaboo clear nesting tables $199  2. clear side chair $290 **To The Trade**  3. Rumor Clear Acrylic Chair $132.99  4. Parq Modern Clear Acrylic End Table $89.99  5. peekaboo clear coffee table $249  6. Louis Ghost Arm Chair by Philipe Starck $148.99  7. Honour Clear Acrylic Arm Chairs (Set of 2) $230.99  8. Adair Acrylic Coffee Table $225.99

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