I’ve Got Royal Wedding Fever!

Howdy everyone! Hope you have had a great week so far! I have had quite a busy one! My beloved sister is a high school senior and will be graduating this year! Ahhhh! Well, this weekend is her graduation party! And boy is it gonna be fun! Here’s a little sneak peek for ya…it’s a celebrity red carpet event AND….drum roll please; I am coming as Britney Spears! Don’t you worry…there will be pictures posted here for you to have a peek! Until then…there is one other BIG event taking place the day before!! THE ROYAL WEDDING! Umm, and hello…I am SO excited! There is just something so thrilling about a ROYAL wedding…something we know little about over here in the good ol U.S.! I actually traveled to London two years ago for spring break! It was glorious! Such a beautiful city, rich with history! It was actually at Westminster Abbey that I learned of Harriette’s passing.  At the time, Harriette (Gran-Gran, we call her) was beginning to reach the end of what was years of suffering from congestive heart failure.  I had to make the difficult decision to continue with my spring break plans to London.  After speaking with Gran-Gran, she reassured me that I must go…it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I was quick to tell her that I would bring her back a souvenir! I never got to give her that trinket from London.  She passed away on the third day of my trip.  I received the phone call from my mother while standing in front of Westminster Abbey.  I can never look at the Abbey the same way. It has taken on an all new meaning for me.  And it is at the Abbey that William and Kate will be wed on Friday.  Maybe, it is because of this connection to my trip to London and the Abbey that makes me so fascinated by the royal nuptials.  So check out pictures from my trip and some too cute finds in honor of the royal wedding, the Abbey, and Gran-Gran!! Cheerio!

1. Royal Wedding Cupcake toppers Pack of 10 $8.48  2. Royal Wedding tote bag $13.57  3. British Royalty Pillow $70  4. Union Jack Rug $299.95  5. Keep Calm It’s Only A Wedding Union Jack Postcard (Pastel Pink) $3.20  6. dessert plate royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton $22.75  7. Royal Wedding Cookies Order by Monday April 25th 5pm to ensure delivery by Wedding date – Gluten Free $25  8. Set of Six ‘Royal Wedding’ Souvenir Postcards $7.50  9. Union Jack bag in pink and orange $40  10. Keep Calm, Harry is Still Single $12.99

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