Let’s Start Pinning!

Howdy folks! SO…the weekend is over, sad! I hope you had a great one and a wonderful Mother’s Day! Well, this weekend I became an official member of Pinterest and you can too! In case you don’t know what Pinterest is…it is a website that allows you to “pin” or catalog things/pictures you love! I had heard the buzz about the site a while ago and I finally thought I would give it a try! And it is my new love! It is such a great tool to keep those inspiration pictures or ideas organized! I have created several “boards” or folders (and you know how I love folders!) to keep my pics orderly! You can “pin” pics from websites and place them on your boards! You can also “follow” other members and share or “re-pin” pics! LOVE IT! Check it out here so you can see for yourself how darn cool Pinterest is! AND here is my profile…you can “follow” me too! Enjoy and get to “Pinning”!

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