Taking Note…

Hey there everybody!  SO I am a major list-taker and note-maker! Go to the store…write it down.  Goals…write them down.  Wish list…write it down.  If there is something that I think needs to be formulated into a list…I do it!  I am also one of those crazy people who have too much floating around in her brain…that in the middle of the night I might have to get up and write down my new idea so I don’t forget by morning!  So if your like me, it is always handy to have a pad of paper lying around.  And if your also like me…that pad of paper must certainly be CUTE!  So take note of these cuties I found below!

1. Chevron Square Magnetic Notepad – Lists Make Me Happy $12  2. Twin Peacocks Sticky Notes $4  3. Recycled Spiral Notebook $13.99  4. Banner Flag Bunting Lined Notepad $7  5. Jotter – Technicolor $5.75  6. Self-Adhesive To-Do Notes $9.99  7. Matchbook Butterfly Notepads – set of 6 $3  8. Watermelon Wishes ListMaker and NoteTaker — Makes a great teacher gift $24

Have a happy day!

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