Hello all! Today is a day full of excitement! While you read this, I am most likely sitting poolside at the wonderful Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL…thank you very much!  AND I will be lounging with a 2011 graduate…my sister!  Not only is today…”let’s waste the afternoon and lounge by the pool day”…but it is also my sister’s graduation day! Hooray! She will be graduating from high school and entering into the journey of college! I can’t believe it is here…it seems that it has arrived all too fast! But I am SO proud of her! Congrats little sis!

Anywho, for today’s fab find…I bring you a great…and cute might I add…way to store and share your memories! It’s great for graduation too! OH AND…it was in Oprah’s magazine! So if Mrs. O approves…we do too! It is an accordion style book from Rag & Bone Boutique that can hold up to ten photos! Precious! This would make great gifts or simply display around the house! Collect one for each memorable occasion! Check out the other fabric options here! Enjoy!

Have a HAPPY weekend!

Photos via: Rag and Bone

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