Etsy Update!

Howdy! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! We officially have a graduate in our home…hooray! She did it…AND walked across the stage without falling! Haha! Congratulations graduates!

Anywho, as you know I LOVE Etsy and my favorites were starting to stack up again! SO…here ya go, ANOTHER Etsy update! You can always count on me to give you the low down on Etsy finds!! Enjoy!

1. Birds White Linen Pillow Cover – 14×14 $55.50  2. Matryoshka Dolls 11″x14″ Print $45  3. Raspberry High Lacquer Antique Headboard – fits full size mattress $399  4. NEW – Silhouette Name Print Vintage – small $27  5. Personalized Geometric Canvas Tote $30  6. 20 Yellow Chevron Small Favor Bags $5  7. Bright Patterned Birthday Cake Stand $7.95  8. Pretty Japanese Washi Tape ReMix2 Dots Red Green (set of 4 cuties) $16

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