Let’s Celebrate…It’s the 100th Post!

Sad day…back from vacation! Oh well…I am glad to be back to posting though! I was disappointed to find that the internet was not working at the condo we were staying at…and so the posting was halted! So sorry! BUT…you will be happy to know that today is a day of celebration for Harri Ette’s blog! It is the 100th post! Hooray! I am so thankful to all those who have taken the time to read and to pass the word along to others! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little blog and business and I hope you will join me on the journey! SO…let’s have a party…okay not really! But if I did have a party to celebrate the growth of Harri Ette, here’s what I would go for! So enjoy…the, uh, party…okay just pretend! Have a happy day!

OH AND boy is this an exciting week for Harri Ette! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some awesome shots of our beach visit by my talented sister…AND then tune in this week for Harri Ette’s first ever blog GIVEAWAY!! You’ll want to be sure to comment that day!

Tent: $599  Beverage Container: $39.99  Lounger: $169  Lanterns: $4.99-39.99  Silver Ceramic Stool: $129  Floor Cushions: $14.99  Side Table: $34.99  Chair: $24.99

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