Fab Find Friday and the Goodies Giveaway WINNER!

Hello friends! Hope you had a great week! Today’s Fab Find is in keeping with this week’s Goodies Giveaway theme…BOOKS! These books here are fake.  Meaning they’re ceramic and you can’t read them…darn! BUT aren’t they so cute! They are brought to you by ZGallerie! Love that place! Sidenote: their store in Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA is SO FAB! You must visit if you are ever in the area! Back to the books…these come in a set of 8 for…white $119.60 and the teal $159.60.  Not too bad in my opinion for eight ceramic books!

Teal: Ceramic Books – Aquamarine Set of 8 $159.60  White: Ceramic Books – Set of 8 $119.60

Although, today’s Fab Find books are darling…they aren’t so cute as the ones that…drum roll please…LISA BLACKMAN will be receiving from sorrythankyou79 Etsy seller! Congrats Mrs. Lisa you are indeed Harri Ette’s first ever Goodies Giveaway winner! Hooray! Hope you enjoy your precious new book set and thanks for entering! After all the success of our first giveaway…I have decided that this is something I’ll be doing more often and on a regular basis! So please keep checking back and, by George, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! That’s all for this week folks! I’ll see you next week and have a happy weekend!

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