My Blog Must Reads…

Hello folks! It’s Monday…boo! But today I bring you something to help fight your Monday blues! BLOGS! Hooray! A good blog always makes me excited! I know that I have posted before about blogs that you should visit…found here! BUT TODAY…I bring you the MUSTS! These fab four are the blogs that I MUST visit everyday! Even on days that I am rushed for time, I skip the others and just click on these lovelies! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Design Sponge…this blog was founded by Grace Bonner in 2004 and is an inspirational design blog.  It is geared toward the DIYer and the creative superwoman.  The blog boasts 6-8 new posts daily…making it a great source for inspiration and how-tos! AND…there is a wonderful series called BIZ LADIES which gives great advice to the small business owner!

2. Decor8…founded in 2006 and written by the adorable Holly Becker.  Holly is an American writer and interior design consultant that currently lives in Germany! She has the most refreshing style and her posts always warms the heart! She also has just published her first book, Decorate! Gotta love Holly and she is super sweet too!

3. Young House Love…Honestly…this is by far my FAVORITE blog ever! Young House Love was founded by the fun-loving couple, Sherry and John Petersik. They are just the cutest! I read it everyday so I feel like I know them! They are full-time bloggers and they treat us everyday with their DIY know-how and progress on their adorable house! AND they have the cutest little girl…Clara! I LOVE THEM SO! OH AND…they are working on a book…can’t wait!

4. Made By Girl…last but not least, this blog was founded by Jen Ramos in 2007.  I just love her style…so glamourous! She also owns Made By Girl (not the blog) where she sells her beautiful graphic design creations.  AND she just launch Cocoa and Hearts…where she sells her gorgeous artwork!

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One Response to My Blog Must Reads…

  1. Brepcressarly says:

    What a great list! Thanks so much for including Simple Bites.

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