New Series…Room Service!

Hey folks! Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a grand weekend! Mine was pretty grand…while being up close and personal to some GRAND balloons! Why? You ask…I attended Foley, AL’s Hot Air Balloon Festival on Saturday! What a blast! Those balloons were amazing and much bigger in person than I had ever invisioned they would be! Don’t you worry there will be pictures tomorrow! Anywho! Today I bring you a new little “series” that I am going to start bringing to this little blog! Hooray! I am calling it “Room Service”! Psst…if you visited my new services list on my website that I posted about last week, you might have noticed that Room Service is the name of my e-design package! All that to say…that hopefully this little “series” will give you a small taste of what I do over at Harri Ette Interiors! I’ll be sharing a few selected items that I believe work well together and could easily be put together for a space! I hope you enjoy!

1. Mirror  2. Sofa  3. Lime Pillows  4. Lamp  5. Coffee Table  6. Chair  7. Peacock Pillow, Swirl Pillow  8. Deer  9. Ceramic Stool  10. Artwork  11. Ceramic Books

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