Sarah Richardson…a design inspiration for sure!

Howdy folks! I feel tired! There has been so much happenings around here! I can’t wait to spill the beans on some exciting stuff! Ahhhh! Don’t you worry…I’ll be sure to post here when the time is right!

Anywho, do you know Sarah Richardson? I think she is totally fab!  If you have no idea who in the world I am talking about…then let’s get you up to speed.  She is the super talented designer featured on several series on HGTV! She also…has written articles for design magazines and newspapers, created her own line of paint, and designed her own line of furniture, and so much more! I want to be her friend! I also have huge love for Candace Olsen…but more on her another time! ANYWAYS…Sarah’s style is just so chic, creative, and fun! I find myself visiting her site often for design inspiration! And it is not hard to get inspired when looking over her portfolio! So check this girl out here! And enjoy some of her spaces below!

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