Labor of Loves…

Oh goodness! Life is back in full swing after a long weekend and wonderful Fourth! I hope you had a blast celebrating! SO…I’m a crazy girl! I guess it is just a God-given trait, but if I am not busy doing something…I’m bored.  Not that I am some workaholic.  I greatly appreciate a vacation, I enjoy slowing down and just being still.  But, my brain just won’t quit sometimes! Like last night, for instance! I think I get it from my Grandfather.  I hear he was quite the busy bee! All this to say that, not only do I have an interior design day job, run my own design business on the side, blog, plan events for my local design association, find time to sleep and eat…I ALSO…just started two new labor of loves…and they’re on ETSY! Hooray! Psst…there are added links to both over on the sidebar now!

The first of my shops is Paper Theory! I have been designing invitations for friends and family for some time now…so I decided to bring my creations to Etsy too in the form of printables!! I am in love with printables and think they are the way to go!! Check out Paper Theory here! Psst…keep coming back, new designs coming almost everyday!

Next up is Harri Ette House! This is where I sell all my personally selected vintage finds!  I am a huge visitor of antique, consignment, and vintage shops!  SO…I have started to bring to you my unusual treasures that I spy while out and about! Check out Harri Ette House here! Psst…keep checking in, I add items all the time!

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