Fab Find Friday!

It’s Fab Friday and I’m thrilled! Mostly because it’s FRIDAY! Yippy skippy! Today I bring you some new picks from my vintage store Harri Ette House! I personally think that these are just the perfect little “tea time” additions! I am a HUGE fan of hot tea! I have never really had the taste for coffee…tea for me please! But these precious dishes can certainly serve you whatever you like…coffee, tea, hot coco…the sky is the limit! You would look stylish while sipping that’s for sure! Hope you have one fabulous weekend! OH MY…I almost forgot to mention…I’ll be heading to Auburn this weekend! Hooray…one of my very favorite places! I’ll be shopping it up at my favorite antique shops while I’m there! SO…keep an eye out over at Harri Ette House, I’m sure I’ll be posting some Auburn finds soon! See you next week!

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