Paper Theory Parties!

It’s Monday again guys! Sorry…I’m not too thrilled about it either! But I sure do hope you had a great weekend! I had a relaxing weekend of cleaning and designing! We never did get down to the Body Works exhibit! Darn.  But honestly, it felt good to not really go anywhere either! Anywho, today I thought I would share with you a new addition to Paper Theory! Just to catch those up who don’t know…Paper Theory is a printable invitation company I started on Etsy with designs by yours truly! However, this weekend marks a new venture for Paper Theory…PARTY DECOR! I come from a true “party” family! And by party I mean a huge family get together with food and fun at ANY holiday! We have been known to have costume parties, an 80’s party, casino night, celebrity party, and much much more! So the idea for party decor wasn’t too much of a stretch for me! Ha! SO…the first set of printable party decor for Paper Theory is this Halloween party! Check it out below and here! There will be many more printable party sets to come!

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