Paper Theory’s Halloween Party How To!

Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! It was rainy and relaxing around here! Over the weekend, I posted the pictures to Paper Theory of the Printable Halloween Party! It turned out too cute (at least in my opinion!).  It was a shame that it wasn’t really Halloween, because we had the party all set to go! I thought I would share with you today some of the tricks and secrets to setting up a Printable Halloween Party for yourself!

Here’s the supplies I used:

Cardstock, Home printer, Paper cutter, 2″ Round circle punch, Single hole punch, Toothpicks, Double stick tape, Tape, and Thin ribbon

Here’s the work involved:

You of course, would need first to purchase the party decor files from Paper Theory here! I then printed all the files on cardstock.  I have also used photo paper in the past and it looks really nice too! Next, I trimmed all the items with a paper cutter.  I have found that using a paper cutter rather than scissors, is the way to go…always looks neat and gives you a clean edge! For the banner, I punched a hole about 1/4″ in on either side at the top of each letter.  You then string the thin ribbon or twine through the holes…string through to where the ribbon lays to the back of each letter.  Next, I punched the cupcake toppers using the 2″ round circle punch…this is the easiest way to get the perfect circle without too much of a headache! I attached toothpicks to the back of each cupcake topper with tape and placed them into the cupcakes! The water bottle labels are simply attached at the back with tape.  The straw flags are folded over the straws and secured with double-sided tape.

Here’s where I got everything else:

The background is simply three pieces of white foam board. The middle one is covered in wrapping paper! The black candle holder silhouettes came from Dollar Tree (not kidding…only a dollar!)…and they are just as cute in person! The books I already had…just picked out the orange and black ones! You know I am a decorative book junkie! The mini pumpkins also came from Dollar Tree! Guess what…so did the big spiders, the little spiders in the cupcakes, AND the mini white tin buckets! Go Dollar Tree! The straws came from Etsy! The tall white serving bowl you can purchase here from Harri Ette House! All other serving pieces, I already had!

So there you have it! You can have a Halloween party just like this one too! Check back soon…because Paper Theory’s football parties will be posted soon!

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2 Responses to Paper Theory’s Halloween Party How To!

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness these are so cute! I love your designs little brittany.

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