Look What I found…a Restoration Hardware Look-a-like!

The end of the week is so close! We are in the home stretch people! I am more excited about this weekend because I am headed to the beach! Hooray! Today I bring you a great find I discovered recently and of course just HAD to purchase! I am a super bargain shopper! I love a good deal! It always gets my heart beating faster when I stumble across a DEAL! That being said, I recently took a trip to one of my favorite local stops for all things unusual, imported, and cheap…Southeastern Salvage! It is always an adventure! However, with this trip I was stopped in my tracks when I saw their new shipment of…MIRRORS! And then I found a beauty that just spoke to me and it HAD to go home with me! After cramming it into my bedroom, I discovered that the mirror was also being sold somewhere else…RESTORATION HARDWARE! Shut up! And the icing on the cake is that I got mine for half the price! Score! You can check out the Restoration Hardware mirror here but be sure to take a looky at mine below!

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2 Responses to Look What I found…a Restoration Hardware Look-a-like!

  1. Kristin says:

    I LOVE Southeastern Salvage. I got a beautiful mirror from there a couple of months ago for a great $$$. Love the one you got too 🙂

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