A Few Fab Finds for a Tuesday!

Yikes! I have really been MIA and I am SO sorry! I don’t know what got into me! Okay maybe I do a little bit…the BEACH! I go for a short weekend trip and I loose all sense of reality! The sea and sand just have that effect on me! No worries though, I am now back in full swing of the “real world”! And you guys should be excited to know that I have also been working on some new products for Paper Theory that will be coming your way very soon! Stay tuned! Anyways…since, I abandoned my blog baby for the past few days and EVEN missed Fab Find Friday…(ummm, how did that happen!!??) I am bringing you some Fab Finds for Fall to brighten your Tuesday! And you know what, let’s make them Etsy finds too! Hooray, my favorite! Hope you enjoy my latest finds and have a happy day!

1. necklace  2. wood coasters  3. doorstop  4. pillow  5. flower pin  6. bag

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