Dress and Dwell!

Happy Monday guys and gals! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was nothing special…boo.  It was one of those Quickbooks, designing, deep hair conditioning, nail painting, and exfoliating kind of weekends…what a combo (mind you I didn’t complete all those tasks at the same time, ha)! Anywho! Today I bring you a fall inspired Dress and Dwell! Although it is still hot as Hades down here, the season has changed my friends! It is FALL! I’ll admit I am happy about cooling down! However for me, Fall means Winter is coming…and I HATE cold weather! I feel like yelling, “Winter is coming, Winter is coming!” Oh well…not much I can do about that! SO let’s just celebrate the change in season and the addition of jackets and boots in our wardrobe and a more muted and cozy color palette! Hooray. Enjoy!

. living room . dress . jacket . boots . necklace .

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