Bloggers and Their Books!

Hey all! Hope the week is treating you well! Let’s talk books, shall we?  You are probably like, “Oh goodness, here she goes again talking about books!”  But these aren’t just any books…they are books by some big time BLOGGERS! What a concept…bloggers who, well, WRITE! But they are writing and sharing inspiration about my favorite topic, interiors!! Hooray! And okay, okay…they would make the perfect pretty coffee table book!! These bound beauties are written by the lovely…Grace Bonner of Design Sponge, Holly Becker of Decor8, and Kelly Wearstler of My Vibe My Life (Kelly is actually more known for her out-of-the-box interiors…but because she is so darn famous…her blog would naturally be a huge HIT!)  SO…I guess I need to get to writing that book! I’ll start tomorrow! Enjoy!

1. Design Sponge at Home  2. Decorate  3. Hue

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