Font Organization for the Font Obsessed!

Hey guys and gals! How was your weekend and how’s this week been!? Hope you had a fun time collecting some candy on Monday…my tummy hurt after eating too many fruit Tootsie Rolls! Anywho, today I bring you a helpful little font organization tip! Well, at least I certainly think it is helpful! I know I have mentioned before that I am head-over-heels in love with FONTS! Latest count is…1335! That’s right, 1335 fonts downloaded on my computer! So what is a girl to do when you have too many fonts and need a way to see your collection quickly, easily, and all in one place! WELL, I discovered NexusFont! It is a program that you can download for free and it will organize your fonts for you.  The best part of course is that you can print a running list with text name and samples of all your fonts! Hot dog…best thing ever! So I certainly got right to printing out my fonts so I could quickly browse through them when designing invitations (mine ended up being 131 pages long)! I have even tabbed my list with all my personal favorites, making them even faster to locate, make the design decision, and place into my designs! Love it! You can download NexusFont for yourself right here! Enjoy!

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