Weddings, Relationships, Oh My!

I started this blog with the intention of sharing interior design inspiration and the things that make this little design mind tick! But my how it has evolved to include Etsy updates, Room Service designs, a little fashion, paper products, and much more! And why not add in a little relationships and weddings into the mix! Let’s be clear…I am not married, engaged, nor attached in any way to a mister! And to be honest, I have been on a fast train to crazy as far as relationships are concerned. I should sell Nicholas Sparks my story! My past relationship was what movies and novels are made of! I kid you not; I have had people tell me I needed to write a book about it! And one great day when I have a happy ending to share, I just might! All that to say, after much pain, confusion, and hurt…I am now a girl with a protective eye and with a soldier-guarded brick wall surrounding my heart! Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in love and truly believe it is out there for me somewhere. I am still that little girl waiting on her prince to arrive…apparently, mine is stuck in traffic! Now I am just a more cautious princess checking i.d. at the door! But honestly, I am ready to meet the man that has the strength to tear down my stubborn brick wall! You know that saying, “we make plans and God laughs”…well God has gotten a good belly roll at me! But I know that there is a reason for this season indeed! Good lord, maybe I should write that novel! Anyways, one day I do hope to meet a mister and get hitched! And when I do here are some wedding inspirations that I am loving!

you can find all the photos here!

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