What a Sunny Space!!

Howdy! Oh goodness, already the middle of the week and I am just now posting…yikes!  I meant to share this pretty little inspiration with you last week, then life happened…so here it is now!  Last week, I got the latest issue of House Beautiful in the mail…one of my personal favorites!  While turning through the pages and pages of beautiful spaces, I came across this beauty!  What a sunny and cheery kitchen and dining space!  I fell in love immediately!  Here is a link to the article and you can view photos of the rest of the home!

Also…here’s a quick pic of a little bathroom project I am working on (keep in mind it is NOT finished and the photo was taken on my phone)! By the way, Harri Ette Interiors is growing people and I couldn’t be more blessed! I can truly feel the hand of the Lord moving within my business!  Don’t worry, I’ll keep sharing photos with you of my projects!! Hopefully many more to come!

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