For the Love of Accessories!

HELLO THERE FOLKS! It’s no secret I love interior design! I love everything about it!  I love a life of transforming the ugly! But here’s a little tid bit you might not know about me…guess what my favorite part of designing a room is? Answer: ACCESSORIES!! No kidding! I can’t tell you how many clients have told me that they just don’t know how to accessorize or what to buy! I always reply with a smile and say, “Well, you’re in luck…that’s my favorite part!”  I firmly believe that accessories can make or break a room! Whether specifically chosen for a minimalist look or accessorized to the MAX (my personal styling choice), accessories play a very important part in a room! Check out some of my favorite “tablescapes” from yours truly and others! By the way, notice that I LOVE to use trays for accessories! Enjoy!

Photos via Pinterest

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