First Impressions

Howdy folks! Long time no talk! That’s my fault! Mainly due to growth, business growth!! Hey, who’s complaining…not this girl!! However, I have been quite the busy bee…selecting finishes for a fraternity house (yep, frat house), designing a head to toe new kitchen, shopping for accessories for a budget conscience student, designing a builder’s entire home renovation, launching a new business…Lucybell & Company, selling and designing invitations almost every day over at Paper Theory.  Wow, I feel tired now.  All that nonsense to say, I have been missing over here at blog central…I know it and miss it!!  Anywho, while I have been away, I have noticed some BOLD front doors popping up and I am loving it!! I’m talking lime, yellow, orange, teal, etc! What a great way to make a knockout first impression!  For one of my client’s, we are painting their front door lime green!! I can’t wait to see it finished!!  Until then, check out these bold beauties!!

Photos found here.

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